W/C 20th May – Meal Plan

I have been meal planning for quite some time now as I hate not knowing what to cook on a night and if I didn’t meal plan we would probably end up with ‘freezer food’ every night!  Meal planning helps me keep to a budget too.  I write a list of recipes each week that I am going to cook, make my shopping list and then order it online as I am more likely to stick to it that way!  Hopefully I can provide some inspiration and ideas for others by sharing my weekly meal plans.  I will post up recipes as soon as I have cooked them (unless they are already on the blog in which case I will link to them).  Enjoy!

Monday – Mushroom & Broccoli Noodles with Banoffee Pie for dessert (as requested by my son!)

Tuesday – Spanish Chicken Bake – A big favourite

Wednesday – Chilli Wraps – Another favourite with everyone

Thursday – Super Vegetable Pasta

Friday – Tuna and Sweetcorn Burgers with homemade chips

Saturday – Jamaican Jerk Chicken (using a jerk sauce my husband’s relatives recently brought back from Jamaica)

Sunday – Soy & Honey glazed Sausages

All recipes to follow.

Meal Planning Monday


6 thoughts on “W/C 20th May – Meal Plan

  1. Snap! I am possibly doing a jerk chicken this week, looking forward to seeing the recipe for the Spanish chicken bake.

  2. Spanish chicken bake sounds nice and will have to try the Banoffee recipe as hubby loves it but I’ve never tried making it. Is it fool proof or will I make a mess of it? Lol. Chilli wraps sound good too. Have a good week 🙂

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